License FAQ

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Is there a convenient reference that I may use to learn about licensing, examination, and other general procedural questions about getting my Florida real estate sales-associate’s license?

Yes, there is! The Bureau of Testing provides a resource entitled “Candidate Information Booklet.” It is a concise, current reference guide about the application process and examination requirements.  Candidate Information Booklet (PDF File)

What are the requirements to obtain a real estate sales associate’s license in Florida?

An applicant must be at least 18 years of age, have a high school diploma or a GED equivalent, and successfully complete a 63 hour pre-licensing course. An applicant must also submit an application to the Division of Real Estate with the appropriate fee and pass the state exam. Click here to link to statute for full requirements for sales- associate and broker licenses.

How can I apply for a real estate sales associate’s license?

Complete an application form and submit it by mail or online to the Division of Real Estate. Applications must include the appropriate fee. Once the application has been approved by the state, an applicant can then apply to the state approved testing vendor. There is an additional testing fee. Please note that an applicant must set up an account using the applicant’s email address in order to apply electronically. This requirement became effective August, 2011.  Once your account has been set up, you may check its progress by clicking here

What are the different class formats for the sales associate pre-licensing course?

A+ Plus Schools of Real Estate offers a variety of course formats. You may select live instruction in a traditional classroom with both day or evening class options. For a more flexible scheduling option, you may choose an online course. Beginning in April 2020, we also offer Live Streaming Classes from your computer or smart phone with a live instructor. Click LIVE for our Live, classroom course selections, click ONLINE for our online course selections or click LIVE STREAMING for our Live Streaming course selections.”

What is a Live Streaming class?

A Live Streaming class, also known as a video streaming class, is a pre-determined schedule of specific class sessions. Developed by technology and spurred on by the Covid 19 event, this course format allows you to attend class from the safety, privacy and convenience of your home or office. You have the ability to see the instructor and to ask questions just like a live, classroom experience using your computer or smart phone. Click  HERE for our Live Streaming class schedules, including Spanish instruction.

When do I submit my application for the sales associate license to the state?

Your application may be submitted to the state prior to, during, or even after the completion of the course. It is advisable to apply for licensure as early as possible so that the process of application approval may begin. State processing may take between 4 to 6 weeks depending upon a variety of factors. Once you have submitted your application to DBPR, you may check on its status by Clicking Here.

Where do I take the state exam?

The testing vendor makes the state exam available in major Metropolitan areas in and out of the state of Florida. The testing center, located closest to our school and serving Central Florida, is located at 2176 Sarno Road, Melbourne or within walking distance to our campus.

What other requirements must be submitted with my application to DBPR?

Effective July 1, 2006 electronic fingerprinting is mandatory as part of the application process. Pearson-Vue, a DBPR approved vendor, can now electronically scan and submit fingerprints to the FDLE and FBI. This new technology will reduce illegible prints or missing information that could impede the application process. Click Here for more information, or to register for fingerprinting. You may also schedule an appointment by calling 1-877-238-8232.

Are there any special programs or services provided for military personnel for state licensure?

Yes, there are! These services apply to military personnel, military spouses and veterans of our armed forces. For further details about these programs and services, click here.

How Do I get a copy of my license once I pass the state licensing exam?

Your initial license will be processed and mailed to you within approximately one week. However, effective June 10, 2015,  real estate license applicants can now print their own license when it is convenient to them using an enhanced feature from their email or DBPR account. See the video below for more information.